Organizational Structure

Board of Directors

Great Barr Golf Club is a registered company limited by guarantee.  The Board of Directors are led by the Chairman of the Club and are responsible for the management and governance of all financial and legal affairs relating to the Club.

The Board of Directors are elected from the Membership and are subject to re-election after a period of three years.

The Board of Directors comprises nine members duly elected at the A.G.M. plus the Club Captain who becomes a director ex officio for the year of his captaincy.


Each committee (except the Membership and Finance Committees) will consist of two directors nominated by the board and three members elected at general meetings.  Two additional members may be co-opted by all committees except Wines & House.

All members of the committees are volunteers and give their time and energy freely for the benefit of the club.

Under normal circumstances a member should contact any of the Committees firstly in writing regarding any issues. However, please feel free to approach any committee member at an appropriate time should you have specific concerns.

The Officers of the Club

The President

The President is nominated by the Board of Directors for election at the Annual General Meeting and will usually serve for a term of two years.

The President is the figurehead of the Golf Club and is invited to be in attendance at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

The President will preside over all Annual General meetings and Extra-Ordinary General meetings.

The member chosen to be the Club president will be a senior member of the Club and normally will have served the club in some capacity over a number of years.

The President should be addressed as “Mr. President”

The Club Captain

The Club Captain is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  At the same time the Captain will announce his Vice Captain for the forthcoming year.

During his year of office the Captain becomes an ex-officio Director of the Golf Club and serves on the Board of Directors as the nominated representative of the members.

The Captain will represent Great Barr Golf Club and its’ members at various official functions throughout the year both at Great Barr as well as other Golf Clubs.

It is considered a great honour to be the Captain of Great Barr Golf Club and the Captain should be afforded the utmost of respect from all other members.

The Captain should be addressed as “Mr. Captain”.

There is an area within the Beacon Lounge reserved for use by the Captain and his guests    

The Captain has the right to commence play from the first tee at any time irrespective of who is waiting.  It is expected that members will offer the Captain the first tee as soon as they are aware that he is ready to commence his round.

The Ladies' Captain

The Ladies’ Captain is elected each year at the Ladies AGM

Lady Captain should be addressed as “Madam Lady Captain”

It is considered good etiquette to offer the Lady Captain the first tee if you are aware that she is ready to commence play.

The Secretary

The administration of the club is the main responsibility of the Club Secretary.

All general queries by members on subjects not covered by a specific committee should be addressed to the Club Secretary.

The Secretaries’ office is located adjacent to the entrance for the Beacon Lounge.

The Club Steward

The Club Steward is responsible for the day-to-day management of the bar and catering facilities.

The Steward operates under the direct supervision of the House and Wines Committee.

Should you have any specific catering requirements then they should address these with the Steward.

Please note:

The Steward is authorised by the Board of Directors to enforce the correct dress code and behaviour within the Club premises with both members and visitors and will refuse access to the Clubhouse to any players not correctly attired.

The Club Professional

The Club Professional is retained by the Club to provide the following services to the members:

  • Administration for entry to competitions
  • Provision of coaching and lessons (at a fee)
  • Advice on golf equipment
  • Sale and hire of golf equipment
  • Repair and cleaning of golf equipment
  • Organisation of Golf Societies visiting the Club
  • Registration of members’ guests and visitors
  • Starter duties for major competitions and opens

Please note:

The Professional is authorised by the Board of Directors to enforce the correct dress code and behaviour on the Golf Course with both members and visitors and will refuse access to any players not correctly attired.

The other Officers of the Club

Vice President
Vice Captain