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“Practice makes permanent, being told how to play the game is a lot more efficient and faster way to get the results you are striving for”

With the team’s holistic approach to getting results the diary stays consistently busy. Ted and his team offer coaching 7 days a week.

We have a range of facilities that can help you improve. Using to the brand new simulator and recording sessions on our 500frame per second multi camera system we are therefore able to make progress measurable.

Each time you have a coaching session you will be able to review any videos and notes which automatically get sent to your smart phone and email! This is crucial for long term improvement, your swing can change from week to week and you can actually see the progress.

One to One sessions

1 Hour = £40
30 mins = £25

Most of the team’s clients have a structured and personal coaching plan. A consultation is FREE and they can put together a plan to help you improve in the fastest possible way.

They coach all abilities from complete beginners to aspiring pros, from juniors at 6 years old to our senior members. Give the team the chance to improve your golf!

Gapping sessions

Do you know how far you hit each club??

Using the launch monitor we are able to see the characteristics of each shot hit.
This is a great way to find out how far you hit each club. The team analyse where the distance gaps are within your clubs and have the in house facility to tweak your clubs to perfectly match your swing. These results are recorded onto a personal tag which attaches to your bag and can be looked at each time you take a shot.

Gapping Session = £30

Contact us
To contact Ted or his team. Phone: 01213571232 (option 3) or email