Course Open
Dress Code

All members, guests and visitors using the course should be properly dressed for golf.

Dress regulations for gentlemen are displayed below.

Dress regulations for ladies are displayed in their changing room.

The following dress is not allowed on the course or in the Clubhouse
  • Denim clothes of any description on the Course.
  • Collarless t-shirts, rugby shirts, t-shirts with large logos.
  • Tracksuits, shell suits or combat style dress of any description.
  • Singlets, vests or collarless shirts.
  • Athletic type shorts.
  • Turtleneck t-shirts.
The following dress restrictions must be complied with
  • Shirts to be worn tucked inside trousers.
  • Plus 4's/2's are permitted. Trouser bottoms worn inside socks must not be visible.
  • Wearing of socks with tailored shorts. Plain white 3/4 hose socks or white short sport socks. Shorts should be of reasonable length.
Golf Shoes
  • Golf shoes, spiked or dimpled, must be worn on the Course.
  • Trainers are not permitted.
  • Golf shoes must be cleaned before entering the club foyer or locker room. Electric brushes are provided for this purpose.
Golf shoes or clothing must not be changed in the car park

The club rules strictly forbid this.

In the Clubhouse

Unsoiled smart casual / golf wear at all times, golf wear includes Plus 4's or 2's. Ladies golf skirts or ladies golf shorts of skirt length.

No member, guest or visitor may enter the club lounges in water proof clothing and no golf equipment is allowed in the golf rooms or social entrance.