Golf Sixes Junior League 2019

Golf Sixes Junior League 2019

2019 saw the introduction of the Staffordshire Junior Golf Sixes League which has been developed by England Golf as an initiative to get more kids into the game (watch their short video introducing the scheme here).

The format is simple in that it’s a Texas scramble format over 6 short holes which helps build the confidence of golfers who are just getting into the game. It also encourages juniors’ sections to create teams so there is a sense of belonging at the club and of course the honour of representing Great Barr Golf Club acting as ambassadors of our club and of course Tom Palmers ever-growing junior academy.

This Golf Sixes league was launched in 2018 and in 2019 Great Barr Golf club entered the newly formed Staffordshire league of this competition. Tom gathered a team of 12 young golfers and put them forward to compete in the league against the 3 Hammers Golf Complex, Branston Golf Club and Trentham Park Golf club.

For all those parents driving the kids to and from the matches it was clear the kids really enjoyed this format and at the same time got to test their skills on other golf courses in the area. It was really encouraging to see the games played with the sportsmanship that we have come to expect with golf, there were plenty of opportunities to embrace both golf etiquette and the rules of the game without making it an arduous task for the kids.

Team GBGC at Trentham Park

This year’s league came to a close on Saturday 7th September 2019. The Great Barr Team had some fantastic victories over the course of the season and managed to finish in an amazing 3rd place with the 3 Hammer golf complex getting a well-deserved win in the league overall.

A massive thank you to all of the children that have represented the academy this year, they have all done fantastic and have presented themselves very well. Another big thank you must go to all of the parents for taking the kids to their matches home and away. Look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Tom Palmer – Great Barr Golf Club Junior Academy and Assistant Professional

Thanks also go to Trentham Park Golf Club, their Captain and Chairman for putting on the presentation in their fantastic clubhouse.

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