Dress Code and Mobile Phone Use

Dress Code and Use of Mobile Telephones

Great Barr Golf Club is a modern club, but we pride ourselves in maintaining many traditional standards.  In recent years several changes have been made to relax the dress code, particularly for the clubhouse. However, members and visitors are requested to comply with the reasonable requirements for dress and use of mobile phones listed below.


  • Shirts should be a recognisable golf shirt, we fully accept shirts with the rounded and turtleneck these days, if they are clearly golf shirt brands.
  • Shirts must be tucked into shorts or trousers
  • Football style or other sports clothing is not acceptable
  • Sleeveless shirts or T-shirts are not acceptable
  • No denims or track-suit bottoms may be worn
  • Recognised golf shoes only, no trainers or any other form of sports or leisure shoe.
  • Socks may be of any colour or length
  • Shorts must be tailored, without external ‘cargo style’ pockets
  • No beach style or ¾-length leisure type shorts are allowed


  • Shirts can be sleeveless and must be tucked in at the waist unless specifically designed to be worn outside a waistband.
  • Ladies may also wear cropped golf trousers and skorts


  • Dress should be smart/casual
  • Smart denims are allowed
  • Tailored shorts are allowed
  • Shirts must be collared (unless round or turtleneck golf top), and must be tucked into shorts or trousers
  • We ask that hats, caps and visors be removed indoors.
  • No waterproof clothing
  • Socks must be worn
  • Tracksuits are not allowed
  • No trainers, flip-flops or golf shoes


  • Use of mobile phones on the course is strictly discouraged, other than for genuine emergencies. Phones must remain on silent/vibrate
  • Mobile phones may be kept on silent/vibrate in the Clubhouse. However, calls may only be made in the changing rooms, professional shop and car park. 
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