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Author Ian Neal

We know amongst our membership there are many talents on the golf course, but in this blog post, we talk about some of the other talents one of our members has outside of golf.  If you have an interesting story to tell, then please get in touch just like Ian did as we welcome the opportunity for you to talk to your fellow members about what you get up to outside of golf.

So, without further ado let’s get into this post.  We are delighted to speak to Ian Neal, a member who has been at Great Barr Golf Club for over 20 years.  Ian was proud to announce the launch of his book “The Gypsy Golfer” which was launched on Amazon earlier in the week and we wanted to help him shout about it and spread the word about this fantastic news so we thought it was only right to put him in the spotlight and let him tell you all about it!

Ian decided to write a book as “there wasn’t much on TV” and always fancied the idea of writing some fiction.  One day he set about that task and found creating this piece of fiction to be quite a therapeutic activity and had a great deal of fun in letting his creative mind run loose on a story around his love of golf.

The Gypsy Golfer
The Gypsy Golfer

The book tells of story of a young traveller who falls for the game of golf, as you can imagine it’s not a simple tale of  “boy goes to the driving range and falls in love with the game”, it’s a much more entertaining story beginning with a bit of trespassing onto one of the best courses in the world and being “a bit nosey” as to all the shenanigans going on that lit the spark for main character in the book to fall for the game of golf.  The book covers many highs and some lows but one thing for sure, Ian’s writing style and his hilarious anecdotes around the fictional characters journey will keep you laughing all the way through the book.

Perhaps grab yourself a copy and bring it to the club, I’m sure Ian will only be too happy to sign it for you!

The book is available on Amazon now – you can get the book in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Great work Ian!

I have really enjoyed writing this book, it’s been a really fun experience writing it and I definitely want to do another book soon.  Can I take this opportunity to thank our Lady Captain Debbie Copper and Micheal Howard for their valuable help in making this a reality for me.

Author of the Gypsy Golfer – Ian Neal

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