Introducing the ClubV1 Members Hub

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We are delighted to announce after a small upgrade of our ClubV1 system (this system holds your handicap and the club’s competition data) we now have access to the ClubV1 Members Hub.  The main features of the Members Hub are:

1) Electronic diary – Always up to date / removes printing costs from the club
2) Competition results – Quickest way to get the results of competitions
3) Course status – The greenkeeping team will now update the course status
4) Push notifications – Allows the club to send important messages such as course closure due to bad weather / social events and other promotions (you will have the option to opt-out of these communications)
5) Your golfing stats – So you can show your fellow golfers your stats and help you track your progress
6) Update your personal information – You can update your telephone number, address details or even add a selfie to your profile.

We had a small window of opportunity to reduce the costs of running the club’s website and moving the membership features over to the Members Hub, it was tight, but we are happy to say that we managed it!  This does mean however that you may notice a few duplication’s on the diary.  Over the next few months we will be working on the processes for updating the diary so it is always up to date and allows you to keep on top of all the events happening at the club.

The October Survey showed that you wanted modern means of communication and this is our first step towards that.  The upgrade gives us the ability to distribute news via the app rather than email (we will continue with email for the short term as we train the office staff on using the new system), it also allows us to send urgent push notifications either for course-related information or for other activities that are happening at the club – this will remove the need to dig out the newsletter in your email for the important information.

Keep an eye out for new features in the Members Hub as we continuously improve the platform.

Ready to get on board?  Here’s how:

1) Android SmartPhone or Tablet

2) Apple SmartPhone or Tablet

3) Computer / Laptop

Once you have installed the app, simply log in using your HowDidIDo passport account.  If you do not have a HowDidIDo passport account then simply head over to and register for an account.  Please make sure the email address you use for this account is the same email address we hold for you in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I still use the calendar that is synchronised with my GMAIL account?
A) No, the GMAIL calendar synchronises with the old calendar system.  Whilst disappointing, it was clear only a handful of members used this feature because of the complexity of setting it up.  The old diary is no longer updated and therefore please remove the synchronisation from your devices.

Q) What about the HowDiDIDoApp that I have already got installed?
A) You can continue to use this if you like, however it will not contain all the club information that gets published.  We would recommend only using the ClubV1 Member Hub app to get the best user experience.

Q) Do I need to keep the Whole In One Great Barr Golf Club App?
A) This app only was provided by a company who generated the flyover videos for the course.  Whilst you could keep this on your device please note the Club do not actively update the app.  We are asking Whole In One Golf to remove this app from the app store to avoid confusion.

Q) I can’t link my HowDiDIDo account with the Members Hub.
A) Please check with the secretary that you have used the same email address that the clubs holds for you.

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