Par 3

2nd Green

Hole 2 – Par 3

Hole 2 A tough short hole demanding an accurate tee shot with a mid iron. A long narrow green well guarded by bunkers makes club selection difficult. 2nd Green2nd Green2nd Approach2nd Approach Hole #2 Par 3 (W) 171 (Y) 162 … Read More

6th Approach

Hole 6 – Par 3

Hole 6 A good par 3 that demands respect. A narrow entrance to a long green guarded with bunkers and gorse makes club selection difficult. If unsure take one club more. 6th Approach6th Approach6th Green6th Green Hole #6 Par 3 … Read More

18th Green and Clubhouse

Hole 18 – Par 3

Hole 18 A tough, long par 3 finishing hole with a brook guarding the front of the green. Make sure you have enough club to clear the water. 18th Green and Clubhouse18th Green and Clubhouse18th Approach18th Approach Hole #18 Par … Read More

14th Green

Hole 14 – Par 3

Hole 14 A deceptively short par 3 over water that should not trouble you if you are sure about your club choice. Be positive and you will be rewarded. 14th Green14th Green14th Tee14th Tee Hole #14 Par 3 Yardages (W) … Read More